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Passion is doing what you love

She was two weeks into this new contract for her company when they called telling her she needed to spend another month out of the country to clean up complications.  Being the major breadwinner for her family, she agreed.  Boy she missed her husband and kids already.  How was she going to mange another month away from them?  During one of her breaks, she noticed a sore throat. Was she really doing what she loved?

“I wonder what this could be about,” she thought?  She hoped she would not be coming down with another throat infection.  This always happened to her when she overworked herself.  She had been around a lot of smokers on this trip and that could trigger it.  She drank lots of lemon and honey drinks to stave off getting sick for the next month.  The grueling hours in the last few days took their toll on her and she was in a lot of pain on the way home.

She was so caught up with the joy of being home, she forgot the appointment she had the next day with her doctor.  The pain in her throat that night reminded her and sure enough, she had not only a throat infection, but pneumonia as well.

How did all this happen?  She wanted to keep herself healthy in spite of the long hours and tried as much as she could to stay away from the smokers.  Now she was required to take some bed rest until the deep coughing abated.

The time in bed gave her much time to think about everything in her life and her work.

She always did everything right in her life.  Rather than pursue her passion for painting, she followed the advice of her parents and did what she was good at, business.  After all, painting was just a hobby.  She had little time to paint when she had to keep her family in the good life she was providing them.

So the second week into her rest, she asked, “What is right for me?”  She decided to paint.  She had little to no energy and only had enough energy to paint.  Surprisingly, the painting was like meditation for her.  She definitely felt in her element.  It seemed like doing what she loved, rather than doing what she was good at, was healing both her body and soul.

Within 3 weeks of painting, her energy showed a huge improvement and she decided to make a big change in her life.  Wow, these 3 weeks showed her how much she was missing in her family’s life because of all her traveling.  The emotions she had for her family poured out onto the canvas.

She was scared about giving up her career, to instead, paint for a living.   Would she let her family down?   She had found satisfaction by giving up that job and didn’t want to go back to being sick.

An impromptu meeting with a friend got her in touch with a local art fair organizer.  She decided to go and take the paintings that portrayed the emotions she had gone through in her illness.  She had managed to sell 3 paintings that weekend!  People seemed to connect with the emotions she painted on those canvases.

Fast forward 5 years. She hasn’t been sick at all, not one sore throat.  She is providing a living with her painting.  Yes, the family does not have the “things” they had before. They have more now.  They have a wife and mother who is in their life, which is worth more than any “thing”.  She had what was right for her happiness.

Are you doing what you are just good at and not doing what you love?  Why wait until your life turns upside down?  Explore what you love doing even within your existing job.  What is right for you?  Do you do what you love or do what you feel obligated to do?

Get in touch with finding what you are passionate about and living the truth of what you were meant to do.  The enneagram has been called the soul’s path and is the path of your passion.  The soul’s path of the enneagram helps you do what you love, even when it may not seem like it, even when you are meeting your obligations.

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By Susan Suehr

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