Awaken New Love

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Do you want to awaken new love in your life? 

Even if you are pleased with the love in your life, this is a time of Great Awakening.  It is the time to awaken the great love of Divine Creation.  We all were born at this time in human history to be the ones who awaken a new love in our world.

So what is this new love?

It actually is not new. It has been here forever, but humanity has been asleep to this love.

So many of our spiritual prophets and saviors told us about this new love, giving us hints and clues to follow, so we would be ready to awaken it when the right time would come.

This is a love that is unconditional and it is the love that the Divine Creator has for us.  Their desire is for us to embrace this love and know that we are all one, part of the Divine Consciousness, their light of information, pure unconditional love.  It is a love that vibrates with higher levels of consciousness, Divine love and is unconditional.  It can never be given by anyone in your world or be taken away from you by anyone in your world.

So how do we awaken this new love?


First: It is important to realize and understand that we are not our body.  We don’t even really inhabit our body.  The real us is consciousness that uses a body as a tool to witness life experience. This is akin to the movie “Avatar”.

Second: We are all part of one consciousness.  The separation we see as individuals is part of the Avatar experience to know our selves seeing with different viewpoints.

Think of this example.  Say we are all parts of a bird.  The part that experiences they are the beak sees themselves as sharp needing to chip away to find the truth of life.

The part that experiences they are wings sees themselves being as light as a feather, wanting to fly through life by lifting our light.

The part that is the eyes, finds themselves viewing only what is right in front of them and viewing spectrum’s others cannot see, wanting to put those views of truth in front of everyone.

One could not function without the other.  We need the views of each experience to have the whole picture.  We are really One, complete and whole consciousness.

Third: We understand that as consciousness, the whole experience is experiencing all awareness.  We don’t even have a word in our language for this, “awarenessing”.

Fourth: We understand that the individual mind we listen to is our ego comparative mind.  It is the voice that we are separate, better than or less than another.  It is the one saying we are our body, our mind, a being inside a body. It denies we are one.

Fifth: We then bypass our ego comparative mind by becoming aware of the silence within us.

Sixth: We then open to the emptiness that exists within all space and time.

Seventh: We allow the love to enter our consciousness. It takes time. Within time, we remind our self that we are not our ego, our physical self, separate from others and remind us that we are pure love & consciousness. We are allowing in our own unique awakening.  We awaken the new love into our world.

Take at least 1 moment of your day and bring these thoughts of higher vibrations in.

Meditation of Awakening New Love

Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation of Awakening New Love.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Take in a long deep breath.

Let it out.

Take in another deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Bring yourself to a peaceful quiet state.

You and others are Divine consciousness.

You and others are pure light of information about life experience.

Open to knowing that you are loved completely.

Divine Creator only wants the best for you and all.

Know when you don’t get what you want, that Divine Creator has something better in mind.

Now know you are loved completely by Divine Creator.

Ask them to awaken new love in you.

Trust Divine Creator.

Be still and allow silence.

Open to experiencing emptiness.

Open to experiencing new love.

Slowly and gently now, bring yourself back to the room you are in and the place you are sitting.

We leave you now with love & light.

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By Susan Suehr

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