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Here is a thought for the day to help you know the truth of you and who you really are.

We Are Made In The Image of The Divine

“You are made of the Divine. Connect with them and you will have all you need.”      Susan Suehr

An inspirational thought for today.  For anytime you may feel powerless, know this.

It is so important to live your truth each day.  We get caught up in day to day living and forget why we are here.  We are spiritual beings in a physical body, not the other way around.  You can connect with the Divine by living in the Now moment.  Relax and be an observer rather than a participator. Oh participate here and there so as to enjoy the experience of life, yet don’t stay in one or the other too long. Observe and experience, then observe again.

That is how we were meant to live.  We were meant to live our life observing and using those observations to know who we are as perfectly unconditionally loved spiritual beings.

So let us make an observation about us and others.

No one is too fat, ugly, or stupid.  Everyone is perfect in whatever way they exist physically.  You see, the Divine sees our beauty always, no matter our shape, how we look, or how we use our brain.  What we believe is the perfect size, beautiful or intelligent are such limited beliefs only taught to us by a very limiting world.  The Divine has no limits of what is beauty, what is the perfect physical size or what is the best way to use our brain.  You see they made us all different beautiful colors.  They made us all different shapes. They gave us all unique beautiful features.  They gave us all different ways to use our brains.

Consider this as a thought for today.  We were all given gifts: strengths, powers and talents.

  • Our beauty is the execution of those gifts.
  • Our perfect physical size is the way we move our body to express those gifts.
  • Our intelligence is how we Divinely use our brain to give the world our gifts.

Touch the power of rethinking and expanding how you view yourself and others.

Now Have a powerful day!

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