Take Control of Your Life

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Did you ever wonder why life doesn’t go as planned and how to take control of your life?

This is how you take control of your life: Yes, your emotions and thoughts are what cause the events in your life. Yet, it isn’t about just changing bad thoughts to good thoughts either.  It is about expanding yourself by believing the truth of who you are.  You can only do that when you connect with the Divine Intelligence within you.  Watch this meditation and be connected to that Divine Intelligence within you.

When you expand, you are letting go of negative judgments of both yourself and others.

Now this is not about judging actions, but about judging who you believe you are.  Letting go of negative judgments is really about letting go of diminishing or elevating thoughts about who you believe you are in comparison to an ideal or others.

Have you ever wondered where all those diminishing or elevated thoughts in comparison to an ideal or others come from?  They are the thoughts of your conditioned mind.  It is time to take control of your life and stop your conditioned mind from running your life.

So why would you want to do that since that seems to have kept you feeling good for most of your life?

Well times are changing and feeling elevated or diminished in comparison to an ideal or others does not help you achieve your dreams.  Now a days this old method of trying to feel better only puts you in a victim or bullying state of mind.  That state of mind is not going to work in the newer world we are moving into.

People who hold onto those comparison means are finding life more frustrating.

They are losing control and the comparison means are showing them just how much control they lose using these outdated methods of feeling better.  It just doesn’t seem to work for them now.

If you want to be one who designs your own destiny, you need to take control and stop your conditioned mind from running your life.  You first do that by making your thoughts conscious.  To make your thoughts conscious, it helps to use your feelings as a guide.

So you are in a life situation now.  In this present moment, how do you feel?  Are you feeling less than or better than in comparison to another?  Feel now where that feeling resides in your body.  Take as much time as you need with this, until the feeling moves naturally out of you.

When you are present by feeling your feelings, you are in touch with Divine Intelligence, rather than your conditioned mind.

This is true emotional intelligence.  Now sense the truth of the situation.  Divine Intelligence will provide you with the answers for this.  So how do you know if it is Divine Intelligence rather than your conditioned mind?

Divine Intelligence wants the highest and best for all, regardless of how one has behaved in the past.

They love everyone unconditionally and know that all of us are a part of Divine Creation.  A paradox exists as well in that we are individuals and part of a whole.  We never lose our individuality within the whole.  Here is an analogy.  Your foot knows it is a foot and when hurt, heals using its DNA of being a foot.  It also knows it is part of you. It never tries to be an arm.  Divine Intelligence would never elevate a part of them or diminish a part of them for which we are a part of.  They know all are equally important because we all have a unique perspective to offer.

So be in as many present moments as you can, vacillating between presence and thought.  When being in presence, use Divine Intelligence to know your truth. Then use your mind to take action inspired by Divine Intelligence.  Now you are in control of your life and making your own destiny.

Take Control of Your Life Meditation

Welcome to Take control of Your Life Meditation

Take a deep breath in, hold it, release

Take in another deep breath, now release it

Take a moment and start relaxing your body starting at your feet

Move it up to your legs

Now into your torso

Feel your neck and shoulders relax

Now your hands and arms

Roll your head from side to side and release any tension

You are now completely relaxed

Find a quietness inside you as you watch this lovely tree and moving river

Let a beautiful healing light come into you from Divine Creation and dwell within you

Notice any part of your body, observe it

Now Know this

As You Are Feeling Your Body, you are connected with Divine Intelligence.

Stay connected

Ask for any healing while still observing a part of your body

Keep observing and let in the healing

Still observing, forgive anything that needs forgiven


Say thank you for the healing

Gently become aware of the room you are in

The place you are sitting

You are a beautiful light and healing is your birthright

I leave you now with love and light


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By Susan Suehr

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