Self Confidence Using Trust In Divine Guidance

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Did you know that you can gain self confidence using trust in Divine Guidance?

Watch this beautiful Best Guided Meditation Video to gain self confidence using your best ear listening devices for the best experience.  It contains theta music and binaural beats.

When we experience life events, we have been taught to give that experience the meaning of what we have done to have caused that experience.  Consider for a moment that giving that meaning is what has caused us to attract more chaos in our lives, because we look for blame either within or with another.

If we can take a step upward into a larger perspective, we may want to think that life experiences are given based on a couple of criteria.  The first criteria are being how we hold ourselves to be attracting experience and the second being our soul or highest self providing us a stimulus for growth and expansion if they see us stagnating.

If we can give a positive meaning for all life experiences, we can free ourselves of any self blame.  We could see that experience as a catalyst for growth in how we see ourselves or we could see it as a way to define our preferences. This can give you a boost in self confidence as you define your life experiences in a positive frame.

See this 9 minute meditation for receiving that trust.

Most know that we need to feel good about ourselves to have more positive life experiences.  It is law.  Some get scared by that law because they don’t know how to feel good about themselves.  They just don’t know how to handle the fear, the blame, the not feeling enough, or the sense of low worth.  Maybe the secret to having all these feelings is to dive into them rather than pushing them away.

You have a birthright to know how important and valuable you are to Divine Creation.  Anytime a bad feeling life experience occurs, fully feeling those feelings is what takes away the resistance.  Those feelings are meant to steer you to trusting in Divine Guidance.  Your Highest Self is saying, “Hey, you are not listening to Divine Guidance, stop and listen”.  They want you to see the stories in your head that you carry that lead you to feeling less than or better than others.

So if you can stop and be still in the moment, for just a few moments to feel those feelings and where they are in your body, you become and observer of you.  As you observe those feelings, you can let them pass through you.  Next you ask what thoughts go with those feelings that are lies about who you are.  If they have any conditions to being Divinely loved, then you know they are a lie.  The Divine loves you completely regardless of any actions you may have taken.  You see, the life experience was meant to be a practice session of choices to understand more of whom we really are, not a condemning experience that we have been taught to believe.

If we would only take the time to trust that the Divine has our back always, we would know that the life experience was a friendly one.  Trust in Divine guidance can elevate your self confidence and support you in living the life of our dreams and moving toward good feelings about yourself.

The video has messages that when repeated slowly and relaxing yourself, can support you in accepting yourself  so as to trust in Divine Guidance.  If you listen with your best earphones, you can reach a deep meditative state and you can open new neuropath ways with these powerful messages you tell yourself.

This Meditation provides you a course of self acceptance and practicing being in the Now moment, which is referred to as mindfulness.  This kind of mindfulness is one of the best ways to let in trusting in Divine Guidance and building your self confidence.


This meditation contains brainwave entrainment (binaural beats and theta wave music), so use your best earphones to receive the highest benefits.  There are no lessons required.  You go into a deep theta meditative state within minutes.


Welcome to Miracle Grids Meditation for Accepting Trust

Watch and Follow Along


Take in a Nice Slow Deep Breath

Hold It

Slowly Let It Out


Take in another Deep Breath

Hold It

Slowly Let That Out


Feel a Gentle Relaxation Filling Your Body

Starting with Your Feet

Move Slowly up Through Your Legs

Now Into  Your Body, In Your Arms and Hands

Now Let It Move Into Your Neck

Let  Your Head Fill with this Wonderful Relaxation Now


Your Body Is Now  Completely Relaxed


Say These Statements to Yourself Along with Me

Use as Strong Emotion as You Can as You Say Them


Even Though I May Experience Uncomfortable Feelings

I Still Completely and Fully

Relax Into These Feelings More Every Day


I Still Completely and Fully

Accept Myself More Every Day


I Still Completely and Fully

Accept More Every Day,

That My Highest Self Delivers Me a Reality in My Best Interest


I Still Completely and Fully

Accept More Every Day,

I Am Trusting Divine Creation


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Grow with Each Life Experience


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Find the Positive with Each Experience


For It Is Meant Spurs My Growth


Take a Moment Now and  Imagine All the Cells of Your Body

Filling with Love and Trust

Knowing Now That You Have

Trust Infused in Every Cell of Your Body

Continue Following Along with Me

And Say These with as Strong Emotion as You Can


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Trust Life Experiences Are for My Growth


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Know I Am Only Given What I Can Handle


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day

To Trust My Abilities to Cope


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Know I Am Always Being Helped by Divine Creation


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Know I Am Loved


I Still Completely and Fully

Choose More Every Day,

To Know I Am a Beautiful Light


Take a Moment Now and

Forgive Anything that May Need to Be Forgiven


Feel Gratitude to Your Highest Self

For  Trust Coming to You

Say Thank You

Gently Bring Yourself Back to Your Surroundings in Your Room

Now with Trust

I Leave You with Love and Light

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By Susan Suehr

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