Nov 2016 Super Moon

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Watch this video of our Nov 2016 Super Moon.  Gaze as the Super Moon rises and in the hush of beautiful music, you can connect to Source.


Oh beautiful Super Moon, you come to touch us closer this day.


What would we do without you?  You offer so much and are a gift of Divine Creation.


We would miss all the beautiful eclipses you give us when you mask our sun now and then.


The strength of your size and closeness provides the earth tides that reveal treasures from our waters.


You light up our night sky so we can find our way in the dark.


Over the ages, you have worked with the sun and given us longer days, the gift of living time, to explore the wonders of our world.


You stabilize our axial tilt to within 2 degrees, giving the gift of our seasons.


More importantly, the gifts you bring reflect spiritual metaphors for us to receive the messages from Divine Creation.


Your eclipses remind us that dark times always unfold to a bright shining light.


Your tidal influence shows us that the in and out of our breath is the life of Divine Creation living inside us.


Your reflection of our sunlight, even when it is on the other side of our earth, is a gentle reminder that the light of Divine Creation is always with us, even during dark times.


Your marking of time, is a message that time is only an illusion for us to use for our growth and expansion.


The gifts of our seasons are gentle reminders of contrast: warm, cold, life, death, rebirth, growing and changing.


You haven’t been this close in 70 years, yet in this time of chaos and extremes, you come closer to nudge us. You spark our understanding that Divine Creation unfolds with an unknown perfection.


Oh Nov 2016 Super Moon, as we let us be touched by you, we can find stillness within.  In that quiet, we bring our self to a calm state.  We relax with the soothing calm you bring and find a peaceful state.


Now we are connected to Divine Creation.

Watch this video and let this Nov 2016 Super Moon take you there with its breath taking beauty.

Miracle Grids Welcomes

Our Super Moon


In the Stillness


Surrender to & Receive


Unconditional Love






Connection with

Divine Creation

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By Susan Suehr

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9 Comments on “Nov 2016 Super Moon”

  1. That was an awesome video! We missed the Super Moon because it was cloudy and raining here in Virginia. Luckily, you caught it on video so that I could enjoy it too. 🙂 What a great opportunity to catch the geese flying by! That was my favorite part. The music was incredibly calming and peaceful. I feel extremely relaxed now! I will bookmark this post for future use so that I can use it to meditate on the days I’m super stressed.

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