Let Go of Control

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Let go of Control

Non resistance Gives You Power to Will

Miracle Grids Inspirational Moments – Non Resistance

Non Resistance Comes When We Let Go of Trying to Control Our Life.  When we take some notice that everything is happening in our life in perfect harmony and for a reason, we begin to let go of resistance. Just let go of control.

Be Still This Moment.  When we resist less, we stop insisting on our will power to make the reality we want.  Non resistance gives you power to will.

You Are Made in the Perfect Image of the Divine

Allow in the Beautiful Spiritual Being You Are

All of Your Life Events Are a Perfect Means for You to Know Your True Nature

Know Your Life Events to Be Perfection. Try redefining your experiences as something you prefer rather than something negative about you.

For They Reveal the Beauty of You

Let Go of Trying to Control Them

Get to Know the Beauty of You as the Meaning of Experience

Trust There Is Beautiful Light, Even in the Dark.  It also helps to understand the different aspects of our personality and what they want (our inner child, inner critic, highest self) so we can know their wills.  Then we connect to the Divine and find our true will first. Now we can align our true will with the wills of all the different aspects of us.  Make a choice to align the wills of your different aspects with that of your true will. Let go of control and you will find your different wills aligning.

Accept Your Life Experience and understand them in the light of your different wills.

Live Your Truth.  Now non-resistance is using your power to will rather than will power.  You can have rather than want. Non resistance gives you power to will anytime and provides the courage to live your truth.

The Divine Is Always with You. They will never leave you.  You can only deny their presence, and they will love you none the less.

Be the Beautiful Light You Are

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By Susan Suehr

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