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This connecting meditation contains theta music; listen with your best ear listening devices.  Watch this 5 1/2 minute best guided meditation video.


Many times we hear others say let go of resistance or connect to the Light within you.  Use this connecting meditation to help you.


The best way to make a connection to the Light of Divine Creation within you is to first relax.  That can be a challenge if there are fears and worries that pervade your mind.  Fears and worries belong to past or future thoughts, not the present moment.


All of your power is in the present moment.  The past does not exist anymore it is only past.  The power it holds is only what you give to the present moment thoughts.


The future has not happened yet.  It only has power in your present mind as you dwell on its possibilities.


Take a moment and focus in this very instant.  You are safe in this very instant. You are free in this very instant.  Feel that safety and freedom now. The moment is where your power is and in this “Now” present moment what you feel is very powerful.


Now relax with that safety and freedom and let in the stillness.  In a relaxed complete state of a still mind, you are connected to the Light of Divine Creation.  There you can receive inspiration to take inspired actions that are good, right and true.


Now you can ask for anything.  Know that it is given easily and with Love in a way that is in the highest and best for all.


Divine Creation has only 3 answers to all requests:


Yes…Not now…I have something better in mind!


Trust and know that your request has been answered for what is in your highest and best interest as well as that of others.


Use this connecting meditation to get you there.


Welcome to Miracle Grids Connecting Meditation


Take in a Long Deep Breath


Let It Out


Take in another Deep Breath


Let that One Out


Start to Fill Your Body

with Complete Relaxation


Begin at Your Feet and Move

Slowly Up to Your Head


Notice this Moving Light of Nature


Allow Yourself to be Moved

Into the Light of Stillness


Be Still Now


Surrender to and Receive

The Light of Divine Creation


Ask to Receive Any Healing


Now Receive and Accept the

Healing Light within You


Ask to Release Any Worries


Now Receive and Accept

That Release


Ask to Be Free of Any Fears


Now Receive and Accept

That Freedom


Take a Moment


Feel Complete Connection

With Your Highest Self


Watch and Be Connected


I Leave You with Love & Light,


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By Susan Suehr

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