Claim Freedom That Is Yours

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Do you want to claim freedom that is your very birthright?

The divine wants you to claim freedom that is yours each day and every day. We are all born with an innate gift of freedom from our creator.

If it is a gift, why is it not there always?

You give it away each and every day as part of your conditioning of being human.  The human condition causes you to stray off your path of living your truthful life.  It happens to the best of us, even when we are at our best level of consciousness.

Why does that happen to us?  Did you ever wonder why your mind wanders off to those dark comparative places of insignificance or grandeur?

It is because we are always asked to expand our level of consciousness beyond what is already achieved.  We get so caught up with the details of experiencing our life, that we forget our true purpose of life.  When you live your true purpose, you expand and claim the gift of your freedom.

What if I don’t know my true purpose!

So what is your true purpose?  Take a moment and think about that.  Really start to think about some of the times you have felt these feelings.  You have strong feelings of love, anger, caring, frustration, compassion, and jealousy.  The feelings are strong because they remind you of your passion.  I’ll go through how different feelings relate to 9 key passion drives further down in this post.

If you are willing at those times of strong feelings to let go of pushing them away and just feel their intensity, they will reveal so much to you.  You are OK when you feel their intensity. Your purpose in feeling them is to learn from them. Your feelings are a gift.  They reveal what you need to change and heal.

Emotions that come forward again and again in life reveal what drives your passion.  You were given that power gift to keep on your path of light, your purpose of expressing your unique view of Divine creation.  When you follow that path, you claim freedom that is yours.

A bit of caution.

That power gift that drives your passion has two sides to it.  It has thoughts that come from your comparative mind that are only lies about who you are, to keep you off your path of light.  It also has thoughts that come from your higher mind, your Highest Self, that hold higher truths about who you really are to keep you on your path of light.

When you can tap into that path of light for yourself, you can start enjoying life experiences rather than see them as obstacles. Take an example of it raining.  What thought comes to your mind when it rains?  Do you see the rain as impeding what you want to do?  You could also see the rain for what it does.  The rain is there to provide moisture to life.  Could you move your thoughts to gratitude for it raining?  Can you be thankful for the life giving nature of rain for providing food for living creatures?  If you start to view all life experience for the benefits it brings, you switch that light on in you.

Rain is easy, what about the big things.

Alright, I know that you are probably saying now that I am some kind of airy fairy lady.  What about losing someone or something you love, floods, earthquakes, and other tragedies?  Yes, these experiences bring up feelings that are painful.  Yet, being willing to feel them and go to the bottom of them, will free you and you can claim your freedom.  They are meant to light you up, so you may learn the full truth that you are always loved unconditionally.

With any tragedy there is the light of healing and revealing of love, light and beauty.  Are you willing at these times to open to receiving the treasures of healing and revealing from these life experiences?  You can only receive them by going to the bottom of them.

So how do you do that?

Take your initial feeling after feeling it intensely and ask yourself what feeling lies underneath this one.  Complete this process until you get to the bottom, the void.  Then jump into the void and receive.  There are your treasures.

Forgive anything that needs forgiven and feel the thankfulness for your healing and receiving. Now you will know have taken the treasures of life experience and claimed your freedom from life experience.


I made a meditation that contains increasing affirmations to support you in being able to claim freedom every day that is yours by living your life of truth.  Take some time and watch this best guided video meditation to support you in living your truthful life and use it to claim freedom that is yours.

Welcome to Miracle Grids meditation to live your truthful life.

Listen with ear listening devices for the best experience.  Sit up straight and follow along.

Watch this lovely place in nature now.

Just be with it and allow yourself to come to a peaceful place.

Take in a deep, deep breath.

Blow it out.

Take in another deep breath.

Blow that breath out.

Begin relaxing yourself. Start at your feet.

Gently move that relaxing sensation up your calves, now your knees and thighs.

Move it further up your lower back and tummy.

Now find that relaxation moving into your upper back and chest.

Feel your hands and arms relaxing now.

Focus on your shoulders and neck. Relax them.

Roll your head from side to side and move that relaxing feeling into your head.

Notice your eyes and mouth relaxing now.

You are now in a deep state of complete relaxation.

Just notice the thoughts going through your head.

Observe them coming and going.

Now, wonder with me.  Wonder where that next thought of yours is going to come from?

Did you notice a space of stillness before that thought?

Catch that stillness within you.

As you do, also find a quietness as well.

Feel some love that you have and open your heart.

Move that openness upward and outward, out into space and further out now out into the Universe.

Feel a deep connection now with all that is, Divine creation.

You are a spark of light within Divine creation.  That Divine spark lives within your very being.

When you touch the quietness within, you access that spark, your Highest Self.

You made a commitment to your Highest Self that you would wake up and live the light of your truth in service of Divine creation.

Say these words along with me.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I am sorry,

For straying off my path of light.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I am forgiven,

For not living my path of light.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I stop believing,

My comparative mind,

That lies about my light.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I start believing,

My path of light is my purpose,

That is my unique expression.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I am believing,

The power of my light.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I am healing me,

Using the power of my light.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I commit my will to my Highest Self,

In service of Divine creation.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I find Divine service,

Brings me to enjoying my life.

Every day, In Every way,

More and more,

I am thankful,

For living my life of truth.

Take some time and let in all of this healing and changing within.

Feel all the cells of your body embracing all that you just told yourself.

Feel it in your body now and observe it.

Just be.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the room you are in.

Now to the place you are sitting.

You are back now.

You are safely in your comfortable place.

You chose to live your truth by expressing the light and love that you are.

You are loved unconditionally by Divine Creation and they are filled with joy as you live your path of truth.

Strong emotions are clues to what drives your passion and claim freedom.

Here are 9 key emotions and their corresponding passion drives.  It also has messages from your higher mind that you were denied in childhood.

  • Anger and resentment can carry a drive to change and reform your world for what you see as the good, right and true world.  Your higher mind would give you thoughts of stop identifying with what you do and to forgive and accept yourself when making mistakes.
  • Feelings of pride, being the better one to help others carries a drive to be of service.  Your higher mind would give you positive thoughts that say being ready for service requires you meet your needs first.
  • Feelings of arrogance and self deception to feel you matter by feeling better than others have a drive to achieve.  Your higher mind would tell you that your life matters to the Divine and to stop indentifying with your achievements, so you can discover the light of your being.
  • Feelings of entitlement and envy that everyone gets, but you, is connected to a passion drive to create.  The positive message your higher mind would give you is that you are always loved and never doubt that your creations can change others and be happy with knowing that.
  • Feelings of greed and avarice to know all that there is to know and be an expert has hidden within, a drive to think more clearly.  You higher mind would tell you that connecting with trustworthy people is safe and fulfilling so you don’t have to escape into your thoughts. You can think clearly about trustworthiness and use that to connect with the right people.
  • Feelings of fear of futures and convincing others of those fears will give you the right support, has a drive to find safety and security by exposing the worst that can happen.  Your higher mind would tell you that when you can relax in stillness, you will always be supported and can trust your inner guidance to rely on knowing the trustworthiness of others.
  • Feelings of having excess, gluttony, or addiction to fill you with what the world contains (experiences or things) carries a desire to discover the fun and joy in life.  Your higher mind would tell you to give up feeling victimized or better than others is what will make it safe to depend on others for experiences of fun and joy.
  • Feelings of wanting to control and assert your will on others has a passion drive to lead others and events.  Your higher mind would tell you that it is safe to be vulnerable and share your magnanimous heartfelt dreams because you have the power of the Divine living inside you.
  • Feeling lazy or giving up your dreams and desires contains a passion to find peace in yourself and create peace and healing in your world.  Your higher mind would tell you to engage in life by asserting yourself and that will give you the keys to creating peace and harmony.

Give up identifying with your ego comparative mind.  Get in touch and start to listen more to your higher mind and claim your freedom by living your life of truth.

By Susan Suehr

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